Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

A CO2 laser cutting machine is a type of laser cutting system that utilizes a carbon dioxide (CO2) gas mixture as the lasing medium to generate a high-powered laser beam. This laser beam is directed onto a material's surface to cut through or engrave it with precision. CO2 laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries for their versatility and ability to cut a wide range of materials, including: Acrylic, Leather and Textiles, Wood, Plastics, Paper and Cardboard, Rubber, Foam, MDF, Fabric, Epoxy Resin etc

CO2 Laser Cutting  and Engraving Machine

(High Quality Photoreal Eco Solvent Printer) 

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CO2 Laser Cutting and engraving Machine

(Low Cost High Quality Photoreal Eco Solvent Printer) 

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